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The 31 Absolute Best Resources for Self Improvement

(Submited by: David Riklan )

Every week, I hear from people with the same Self Improvement questions: Where should I go for help? What should I do? Who should I listen to?This article is designed to help you explore all of the people, places and things available to ... Read article

How to Build Rock Solid Self Confidence

(Submited by: Peter Murphy )

You have probably noticed those people at work, school, and in your daily life that always appear to be self confident and on top of world.Everything seems to go right for these people and they always seem to present themselves as calm ... Read article

How Much of Your Potential Will You Release?

(Submited by: Kavit Haria )

Do you ever feel there is an inner voice speaking to you, telling you that youre not very good, or you cant do it, or theres just not enough confidence and repertoire with you? This is the voice that calls itself I right? Lets refer to this as ... Read article

7 Hot Tips For Self Improvement Part 2

(Submited by: Beth Scott )

Self Improvement Tip 4 Don't procrastinate! The more you put something off and something else off, the more all your undesirable chores pile up.Until they're an insurmountable task that would make a paid cleaning crew shudder ... Read article

Hidden Self Confidence

(Submited by: Jim Sullivan )

Peer independence is arguably the least understood aspect of self confidence. Many people who are shy, or suffer from social anxiety, tell me that they lack confidence. However, their shyness or social anxiety is only one aspect of a ... Read article

About Self Love

(Submited by: Barbara Rose )

1. How do I love myself?2. How can I feel like I dont need approval and validation from anyone else anymore?3. Why is it so hard for me to love myself?4. What can I do to really feel happy inside?5. Why is it so hard ... Read article

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