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High Self Esteem Will Improve Your Happiness

Most agree that we need to develop high and healthy self esteem or confidence. It should be obvious why, but nevertheless it is worth mentioning what an improved self confidence can do for your life, your well being, your relationships and your happiness. So what does self confidence or esteem mean?

  • Confidence means more tolerance and respect for others
  • you are confident enough to accept responsibility for your actions
  • self confidence or esteem mean that you have integrity
  • if you are confident you'll take pride in your accomplishments
  • self confidence means self motivated
  • you are confident enough to take risks
  • if you trust yourself you are able to handle criticism from others
  • you love and trust in yourself, which make you more loving and lovable to others
  • when you have a high self belief you will seek the challenge and stimulation that's needed to set and achieve worthwhile and demanding goals
  • self confidence means that you can take command and control of your life.

The term self confidence or esteem however, has been hampered by misconceptions and confusion over it's real meaning. Some have equated self confidence with egotism, arrogance, or even a trait leading to violence. This is in fact a mis-conception. Real, healthy self confidence has nothing to do these negative attrubutes. They rather seem to be defensive reactions to the lack of real confidence. People with low self confidence typically focus on trying to prove themselves or impress others. Therefore they tend to use others for their own gain.

This is leading us to the question; is it possible to have too much self confidence or esteem? Since having high confidence is equivalent to having good health, I dont believe that it is possible to have too much real self confidence. A major characteristic of people with high self confidence is that they are well grounded in reality and balanced between an equal sense of worth and competence. You don't have to be anything but yourself. And that makes you and the people you love happy.

Terje Brooks Ellingsen is a writer and internet publisher. He runs the website Terje is a Sociologist who enjoys contributing to the personal growth and happiness of others. He tries to accomplish this by writing about self improvement issues from his own experience and knowledge. For example, how to improve your self esteem and happiness in relationships.

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